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Feng Shui Symbols

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Symbolism is frequently used with Feng Shui.  Symbols help enhance desire energies and affects. Correctly placed these will perform as required.

buddha.jpgThe following basics are essential to upgrade your symbols from ordinary ornaments to good luck items:

  1. Make sure Feng Shui principles have been applied so that all five elements are in balance, therefore, symbol’s intent is working in harmony with its respective energy (i.e.: not overwhelmed by clutter)

  2. Symbols need to be correctly placed according to motive, colour and made material. (i.e.: metal Buddha in the West, wooden Buddha in the East, etc.)

  3. When placing your symbol make sure to give it intent. Tell it what you expect to accomplish from it.

  4. Your goal and its energy will be reinforced every time you look at it or pass by it.

  5. Believe it! If you doubt it, mock it or regain on its powers, you are only bringing negative energy to yourself, therefore, the opposite will be achieved – if this is the case just remove it or, simply appreciate the object for its beauty as an ornament.

When your wish does come through, don’t forget to “thank it”. 

Ask your Feng Shui consultant for the most appropriate symbols for your particular need