The Feng Shui Way of Life

Feng Shui and Kids' Rooms

A child’s bedroom is his/her “domain”. The placement and décor of your child’s room will directly affect their “individual” development. They sleep, study, play and entertain in their room. It is therefore imperative that their room is reflective of who they really are to ensure a good night’s sleep to grow and rejuvenate their body and mind. When your child is having problems sleeping or avoids spending any amount of time in their own room, you know then that their room is not conducive to their particular “energy” and needs.


  1. A child’s bedroom needs to be located in one of his/her most favourable locations within the house.
  2. As well, choose a theme, colours, furniture, shapes and patterns matching their Feng Shui Element.
  3. Avoid mirrors in the bedroom, altogether.
  4. Do not display aggressive or “pointing” toys in the bedroom.
  5. Display immediate family in the NW; friends photos in the West; photos of self in the North;
  6. Display awards and trophies in the NE.
  7. An inspirational and vibrant poster in the South for Future achievements (i.e.: “there’s no mountain to high”, etc)


  1. Place the bed the farthest point from the door.
  2. When sleeping, the child’s head must be pointing to his/her best direction.
  3. Avoid beams, shelves or windows behind/over the head.
  4. An adequate headboard will represent protection and security for your child.
  5. Allow space between the bed and walls for best energy flow.
  6. Do not block the space under the bed, energy needs to flow freely around the bed.
  7. Avoid bunk beds, unless there are only used for sleepovers.


  1. Desk and chair must be size appropriate.
  2. While sitting at the desk, a child needs to have a solid wall behind, with a wide view of the door.
  3. Avoid having electrical equipment in the bedroom (i.e.TV; computer,etc.)

Get your child involve and allow the changes to take place at their own pace. Soon you will realize the positive changes in your child’s behaviour and sleep patterns.