The Feng Shui Way of Life

Feng Shui in the Office

If you have your own business you MUST pay close attention to where your office and desk are placed.


This is where you run your personal empire, and what occurs here leads directly to your success in the world. So, here are a couple of tips to help you out:

  • Your desk must be placed the farthest point from the door - this is also called the "power area" of the room.
  • NEVER face a wall when working at your desk, this will "block" your thinking process and creativity.
  • NEVER sit with your back to the door. This constant surge of energy on your back will make it difficult for you to concentrate, as well as, it invites bad reputation (people "stabbing" you in the back feeling)
  • Bring nature to your space - place a plant in the money area - Southeast corner of your desk. Best plants for the office: Bamboo and Peace Lilly's.
  • Make sure that the focal point of the office is an inspirational poster. A mountain view, with some water and birds is said to be very lucky when placed on the North wall.
  • Most executive offices have a statue of a horse. A Horse is a symbol of performance and movement. Place it in the South area of your office facing in.
  • Place three Chinese Coins (tied with a red ribbon) on your office door, telephone or clients files - this promotes continuing flow of money.

An office/ business consultation will consist:

  1. Identifying your personal energy and how to best utilize it in your particular business.
  2. Best colours for you, your business, web site and promotional material.
  3. Best office lay-out.
  4. Best office furniture materials, shapes and measurements.
  5. Best times of the day and best location to conduct business.
  6. Business associates and staff comparability.
  7. If already set-up, best remedies to make it work for you.

A consultation will require about 2 hours of your time, however, the information and material delivered will allow you to follow, with confidence and assurance, the "road map" to success wherever you go and for as long as you need it.

Case study: Maria and Debbie have a business together. They called me in to “re-activate” the business. The business was stagant. They had not been able to get new contracts for a few months now. But as soon as the Feng Shui shift was done, the phones started to ring again. Within a couple of days a six figure contract, that had been a forgotten proposal of six months back, came through without any further negotiation.

Can you afford to leave your business to chance?

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