The Feng Shui Way of Life

Feng Shui Colours

Like everything else colour has energy. Each colour is associated with a different vibration. You know when you enter a kids room full of vibrant colours, you respond differently as when you enter a living room with soft and neutral tones. Colour is widely used in Feng Shui to either enhance or balance unwanted energies. The biggest surface in your home are your walls. Walls are the “skin” of the home and therefore an enormous impact on your psyche. That impact can be either good or not so good, depending on your choice of colours. If you choose colours that have energy vibrancy comparable to your own, than you feel at ease and comfortable. If however, the colours on the wall are not aligned with you, you feel irritable and distressed.

Like everything else, you are born with certain colours that are preferable to you. These colours make you feel alive and calm at the same time. Your particular colours by pass the ba gua colours and are used closely by Feng Shui masters and experts. Go to Feng Shui Services to find your colours.

As well, and because each colour has it own particular energy vibration, they affect different emotions in us. Used correctly that can put you on the right mood.

Blue builds self-esteem
Aqua Blue clarity
Cobalt Blue empowerment, courage, Higher purpose connection
Iris Blue focus
Baby Blue invites contemplation
Royal Blue power
Black authority, strength
Indigo intuition
Purple reinforces strength and power
Lavander/Lilac releases and takes away cravings
Violet forgiveness
Green promotes expansion
Emerald Green health
Turquoise deepens ecstasy
Lime awakens the spirit
Yellow clarifies, wisdom
Cirtus honesty
Yellow Saffron compassion
Gold expresses abundance
Silver magnificent
Ivory transparency
White purity, deep knowing
Pink romance, tenderness
Rose love
Tan reduces individualism
Burgundy fortifies relationship
Terracota strengths security
Peach joy
Magenta sparks mental activity, harmony
Fuschia collaboration
Orange celebration, inspires infusion
Red stimulation
Saffron Red kindness
Ruby Red balance
Cherry Red passion

In addition colours can be grouped into MIND colours, BODY colours and SPIRITUAL colours. These colours are associated with the Tibetan Aruyeveda and Buddhism Chackra system and are best used in clothing and body accessories.

Mind Colours blue, yellow and green
These colours strengths your mind power, increase trust, deepens relationships, improves clarity and communication skills.
Body Colours red and orange
These colours give stamina and greater physical vitality, desirability and sensuality.
Spiritual Colours indigo and violet
These colours awaken your intuition, inner knowing, higher consciousness, and deeper connection with cosmic intelligence.