The Feng Shui Way of Life

Animal Symbolism

We all incorporate animal images into our décor. In Feng Shui they take a very special place. Feng Shui practitioners use animal symbolism, as needed, to enhance certain energies/moods represented by and characterized by various animals. These images/statues are then strategically placed in specific rooms in your home.

For example if you are going through a rough time and lack confidence to go through it, you would incorporate "curly cues" into your patterns, display ram’s horns (they can be fake) or hang an image of a ram on the NW corner of your living room.

You will also often find a horse in a business setting, the symbol of performance and quality of service. In your home you may place a horse by the entrance facing in, to welcome activity or in the South.. However, never display a horse’s head, you don’t want to cut-off the flow of things.

An advertisement agency for example would benefit from displaying the monkey, for innovation and cleverness.

BEAR comfort awareness  
BUTTERFLY transformation beauty  
CAMEL determination patience  
CAT independence money (Chinese Money Cat)  
COW sustenance humble  
DOG reliability friendship  
DOLPHINS communication guards of the sea  
DOVE peace harmony love
DRAGON creativity prosperity  
DRAGONFLY adventure travel  
DUCKS love(mandarin ducks) communication  
ELEPHANT wisdom honour  
FROG protection (in the garden) money (Three Legged Frog)  
GIRAFFE elegance dignity  
HORSE performance quality of service speed
LION courage power  
MONKEY innovation cleverness  
OWL knowledge wisdom  
OX lawfull persistence  
PIG humility money (Western Piggy Bank)  
RABBIT honesty fertility  
RAM confidence determination  
RAT survival intelegence  
ROOSTER stops gossip beauty  
SNAKE intelligence perfection  
TIGER heroism stability  
TURTLE longevity protection  
UNICORN mysticism creativity  
WHALE strengh serenity  


What is your favourite animal ? What does it say about you ?