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Start by clearing the tops of tables, desks and counter spaces and keep them clear. Next organize closets and drawers. Then declutter main rooms. And finally clear your garage and yards.

  • Let go of clothing that you have not worn for the past two years – remember - you need to allow space in closets to invite new opportunities to come your way.
  • Group collectable items together, knickknacks, pictures, plants,  etc.
  • Place laundry baskets in children’s rooms to avoid floor clutter.
  • Also, avoid oversized furniture or too much furniture.

If you are feeling overwhelmed … breath… and make a 3 month plan.


Maintenance needs to be kept both inside and outside the house.

  • Replace light bulbs.
  • Remove clocks that have stopped or no longer work (no matter how beautiful they are) from view.
  • You must immediately fix any broken items such as: stairs, walkways, furniture, appliances, etc.
  • Pay special attention to leaks. Leaks are a symptom that something is running away from you.

If you are feeling overwhelmed… breath …  and check the local paper for the service handyman to help you.

Missing Areas

Except in bedrooms, mirrors can be extremely helpful in bringing the illusion of a space out when placed on the wall where the corner is missing. As well, bring closets and bathroom areas out, by placing a mirror in the outside of the door (except in bedrooms).

Identify the missing corner and then enhance it in every other room of the house with its appropriate element. (i.e: if missing the East corner of your house, place a plant in the East corner of every room, this will activate the Wood element as well as improve non-existent communications with relatives and neighbours, etc.). For more, read about Bagua

Sharp Corners

I find that in most condominiums have columns or bulkheads sticking out some where. Block columns with plants, a lamp, or a crystal.

  • Stay away from underneath a bulkhead when sleeping or sitting. Fabric and pots lights are good neutralizers.- Use round objects or a small cascading plant to cover furniture sharp corners.
  • Outside use wind chimes, bird feeders, or a ba gua mirror to deflect outside "poison arrows" pointed at your house.
  • Remove all spiky  plants (tropical/cactus) from inside the home.
  • In the kitchen, place your knives’ set under the counter.

Never display arms or swords in plain view.

Stuck, Stagnant or Lost Energy

  • Throw out all dried or plastic flowers (potpourri incl.) and replace them with fresh flowers as often as you can.
  • Place plants (peace lily) near computers and entertainment areas
  • Display a large bowl of fresh fruit on your table.
  • Avoid still water in water fixtures/fountains, (use pumps to circulate water)
  • Have toilette seats’ lid down  - always
  • Cover sink and tubs’ drain holes
  • Close bathrooms and laundry room doors – always
  • Avoid polyester in your fabrics choose organic fabrics when you can.


  • Light is a source of energy;  make sure your house is well lit.
  • Very important that the entrance light fixture is uplifting. Leave it on every time you are at home to invite prosperity in.
  • Crystal fixtures or halogen are healthier forms of lighting
  • Place a red or upward light fixture in the South corner of your house, and leave it on all the time.  This will improve your reputation and your Future goals.
  • When working, studying, etc, make sure your light is adequate.


  • Background soft music will calm the senses.
  • Soft music as you eat, slows down your metabolism thus, it will help you control your weight.
  • Soft music will also help kids concentrate on their homework. Soon you will realize that the TV is off more often.
  • Allow loud music once a week to lift up the energy level.
  • Listen to spiritual teachings CD’s when in the car or before you go to sleep.


  • Make sure your home has a natural, pleasant, refreshing scent. Choose fresh fruit and fresh flowers as often as you can.
  • Use aromatherapy or diffused essential oils for best results instead of candles.
  • Make sure bathrooms and closets always have a fresh smell
  • Be careful with dump and moldy basements. Spread charcoal stones around the room to absorb humidity and mold smell.


  • Avoid watching the news just before bed or first thing in the morning.
  • Surround yourself with art, images and pictures of things you absolutely love.
  • Surround yourself with images representative of where you want to be in  the future. Honour the past in your memories… don’t live in it.
  • Going through your home make sure to have various focal points and  little venues pleasant to you.
  • Surround yourself only with things that you love. Gifts that you have received, but not to your liking… say thank you… and now I give you permission to put them away, free of guilt… and out of sight.

It will take a minimum of 27 changes to have a significant impact on your life !