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Residential: (Within the Greater Toronto Area)

  • Preliminary analysis based on everyone's (living/working with you) date of birth, and comparability
  • I include a lot of relating written information in your package.
  • When at your place, we will talk for a few minutes to evaluate your present situation and where do you want your future to take you.
  • At this time we will walk around the premises. We will move things around and give you specific recommendations in order to place you in the right path.
  • We will set priorities and due dates, suggest symbols and referrals if needed.
  • Within a month I like to return to ensure that changes are as they should and not affecting something else (free visit).
  • For a free estimate please contact

"Tila did an amazing job in creating new results for us in our home by using her keen intuition coupled with her proven Feng Shui skills.  Years later when we decided to sell our home, Tila suggested that it would be a perfect time to rework the energies to accelerate the selling of our home and to ensure a smooth transaction. Once we implemented her suggestions, the house was listed and sold within 4 hours! If you are unsure of the credibility of Feng Shui, you are not alone. But having had the opportunity to live in Hong Kong after selling our home, I discovered that multi-national corporations and international banks employ Feng Shui practitioners in each skyscraper and they work the buildings daily. It is a scientific process, not a whimsical home decorating hobby. Interestingly,  Hong Kong is one of the richest and most prosperous cities on the planet."

Real Estate – Selling

  • Initial consultation consists in a walk about assessment and verbal recommendations to enhance your chances to sell your home faster and for the best value.
  • For a free estimate please contact
  • Special rate for real estate agents.

Real Estate – Buying

  • A house is one of the most important purchases you can buy. It is, therefore, imperative that you choose the right house for you and your family. A home is not just shelter; it should also be a source of good fortune.
  • For a free estimate please contact

Personal Feng Shui “Luck”

Find out your most favourable Feng Shui Element and Kua #

  • Best front door direction,
  • marriage, health, knowledge and prosperity locations.
  • best sleeping and working directions
  • best colours, patterns and shapes
  • best furniture and accessories
  • best career choices
  • best time of the year, time of the day
  • best symbol/s
  • send your name and date of birth to


Feng Shui “couple” comparability

You will receive a including :

  • both individuals’ Chinese Zodiac,
  • eastern and western astrology combination
  • Feng Element comparability
  • Feng Shui tips to enhance a love relationship


Virtual Feng Shui Décor

This service is offered to individuals’ that need a quick solutions to a room.

Important to remember, this does not replace a Feng Shui Consultation which evaluates your home’s energy and it’s alignment to your own energy, which can only be offered in person and on location.

Meanwhile a virtual assessment can help you with small decisions, such as:

  • The right paint colours for a certain room (Benjamin Moore colour numbers will be supplied)
  • Best furniture shapes and textures.
  • Suggested fabric textures and patterns, paintings and accessories, etc.

Send photos and required information, such as

  • room’s location within your house (i.e.: SW corner of my house)
  • the room’s functionality (i.e.: my son’s bedroom, age 14)
  • send to


27 Ways in 27 Days

You will receive 27 essential Feng Shui tips for your home in 27 days through your e.mail address.

This is an online step by step on how to introduce balance and harmony into your home in 27 days. Every day you will receive simple but effective and practical tips that you can immediately apply to your living surroundings.

The first half of the program will help you identify and nolify obstacles and blocks that are affecting your home.

The second part will teach you how to enhance different aspects of your life.

At the end of the 27 changes you will be able to feel a disposition change in yourself and your life in general.

Important to remember, this does not replace a Feng Shui Consultation which evaluates your home’s energy and it’s alignment to your own energy, which can only be offered in person and on location.

$27.77 starts first Monday of every month.

For other form of payment, please contact