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Gallop to the year of the HORSE

Saturday, March 1st, 2014 at 2:00pm

The Rising Sun Centre
10330 Yonge St, Richmond Hill, On.

Gallop elegantly into the Year of the Horse with confidence !
Open your arms and be ready to receive the wonderful energy of the Wooden Horse.

The Chinese New Year arrived January 31st., and with it, a shift to a lighter and kinder energy.
The year of the Horse will force us to get to the TRUTH, to the core of who we really are
What's important and what matters the most.
Bringing out the best in each of us.

The year of the Horse will take us into ACTION !
Favourable year to find your love mate and get married, to move, start a new business/career, etc.

What decisions will you make this year to get you on the right path of your goals and dreams ?
The year of the Horse promises LOVE, PROSPERITY and WEALTH.... get into the flow of ALL it !
 In this workshop learn essential Feng Shui principles to allow you to harvest the best the year has to offer.

We will conclude with a POWERFUL CEREMONY guided by Rebecca Batres. Rebecca is an intuitive Life and Executive Coach who specializes in helping people find their own path to success. She will guides and helps us focus to manifest our 2014 wishes, goals and dreams.

Join us !

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Cost $ 25.


Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 at 6:30pm

Mississauga Central Library, room CL2
301 Burnhamthorpe Rd.W.,
Mississauga, On.

It's that time of the year when we want to open windows and doors and allow fresh new energy of Spring and Summer to come into our homes and give us extra enthusiasm and joy.  We feel an extra urge to clean, clear and perch. It's time to decorate and renovate.  And all these actions are good and they bring shift into our lives... But are they bringing the RIGHT SHIFT ?

Can you enhance your actions and purposely create what you desire in your life ?  YES, YES and YES !!!

By applying the ancient principles of Feng Shui you will make the energetic connection with your home and your life.

LEARN how to
  • get better relationships,
  • improve your health,
  • increase your business and career odds,
  • improve your finances and every aspect of your life.
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join us

cost : $25.

P.S. : free underground parking after 6:pm


Feng Shui & Beyond

The Prosperity Series : for upcoming EVENTS go to

What are the Prosperity Series?

Prosperity means different things for each of you. As a Feng Shui consultant for the last 10 years, I have observed how some clients go forward into their path of “prosperity” faster and easier than others. I have also recognized that when these individuals embrace all aspects of their being and thrive for a better quality of life, their chances of success is much increased, thus becoming part of their daily life on a continuous base. A Feng Shui consultation gives an immediate “boost” of energy and places you on the right path, it definitely shifts your intentions.

But what happens if you are still holding on to old habits and old beliefs ?

The Prosperity Series are dedicated to teach you how to replace these old beliefs with new positive ways.

The Prosperity Series main objective is to help you move towards a prosperous life as a whole… and stay there. With the help of Feng Shui principles and other holistic techniques you will learn to eliminate bad habits, old belief systems, negative experiences and memories. Old ways of thinking are the direct cause preventing us from enjoying the joyful life we all deserve. Now we need to learn how to resolve them. Some of the ancient techniques we will be using have been forgotten and are now surfacing. It is said that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.  If you are reading this… you are ready. Ready to fulfill your purpose on this Earth, to enjoy life, have abundance and to experience life to its potential. To BE the best you can be.

After the old beliefs have been removed, we will replace them with new positive habits by putting into practice the Laws of the Universe, including the Law of Attraction, meditation, visualization and of course, Feng Shui.

“First will set you free and then will place you on the path of success”.

The objective of the “Prosperity Series” is two fold:

  1. To make available to you, in a comfortable and safe environment, simple but very effective ways of getting you to move forward by incorporating Feng Shui practices with other holistic schools.
  2. To make the world a better place to live, one person at the time. The better you get the better the world gets. This is a basic law of the Universe.