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Time to turn your fireplace on… or…
maybe not just yet !

As the leaves start to turn into their radiant colours as the first sign of autumn our energies also change. Temperature falls and we have this innate desire to stay home more often and find a cozy and warm spot in our homes to relax and read a good book.
It is also time to turn on your fireplace and enjoy its warmth, the crackling sounds and its beautiful hues.
But is your fireplace actually bringing you good living or is it instead causing negative situations in your life ?
Fire is one of the strongest energies in Feng Shui, and very carefully used by masters over the centuries. A fireplace placement is key.

Fireplace most favourable types are either gas or electric. The old fashion wooden fireplaces thought very romantic, however are not favourable in Feng Shui. Because of their open chute, energy will tend to escape through the chimney.
If this is the case for you, make sure to place a metal or glass screen in front of the fire.

Auspicious Fireplace Placement:
The best placement for a fireplace is the South wall of your living room. The South energy is Fire and it relates to your Future and Reputation, which needs to be always active and in good terms. A moderate fire will keep your future plans going the right direction and your reputation at bay. The fireplace needs to be the focal point of the room with a comfort seating area around it. Corner fireplaces are not desired, they cause  the room to be off balance. Other areas favourable to a fireplace are the NE and SW. These areas are of the Earth energy (Fire burns, turns into ashes and goes back to the Earth) A fireplace in the NE area will help you with self-development and education for you and your children, the SW will enhance your marriage/love relationship.

Unfavourable  fireplace Placement:
Because of its fiery nature avoid fireplaces in the North rooms and walls. This will put a “damper” on your business opportunities and job promotion.
Remedy for the North : DO NOT USE IT and block it.  Place a large mirror above, and include water related items on the mental, such as whales, dolphins or fish, white sea shells, clear glass vases, pictures/photos of water, etc. Consider painting the hearth and the fireplace surround black or black (shiny stone) marble or slate surround.

The next worst placement will be the SE corner, for this area being of the Wood energy and directly relating to money… you guess it… it will burn your chances to hold on to money.
Remedy for the SE: DO NOT USE IT and block it. Place a very large painting of trees/greenery and/or images of body of water, above it. Add two very large leafy/bushy plants on each side. On the mental place photos of your relatives in rectangular wooden frames and include a grouping of three of the same water items mentioned above. Best mental material for this area is solid brick (Earth smothers Fire).

The center of your house is another area that needs to be clear of fire. The center of your house needs to be clear of any activity for this is the area where all other energies come to rest, vital to assure good health for all members of the family living in the house. It is also very inauspicious to see the fireplace from your front door entrance.

As long as located within the South, NE or SW areas of the house, the best room for a fireplace is the living room. Dining rooms and dens also benefit from it. A lot of master bedrooms include a fireplace these days. This can be a balancing act, a moderate fire can intensify the passion in the marriage, however a roaring fire can cause “heated arguments”.

The positioning of the fireplace within the room is also vital. Correctly placed fireplace needs to be the focal point of the room with a comfort seating area around it. Preferably the fireplace does not compete with a TV in the same room. TV’s are of the water element, therefore bringing conflict within the family members when placed in the same room with a fireplace. If this the case for you, place the TV inside a unit with doors and close it when not in use. Crystals are also helpful when placed on top of the TV.

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